Departments & Curriculum

Departments & Curriculum

The Hebrew High School of New England’s General Studies curriculum focuses on developing strength in reading, writing, mathematics, critical thinking, and presentation skills. There is also a strong emphasis on working collaboratively in the classroom and extracurricular settings.

HHNE takes a modern, 21st century approach to learning—coupling demanding classroom instruction with individualized attention. This empowers students to define their own personal objectives and to develop and refine their own singular path.

The key goal of the academic program is to prepare students for college and beyond, both in knowledge and study/time management skills.

The HHNE graduation requirements are:

English 4 Credits
Math 3 Credits
Science 3 Credits (Including 2 lab Sciences)
History 3 Credits
Hebrew 3 Credits
Electives 2 Credits
Talmud 4 Credits
Chumash 4 Credits
Jewish History 2 Credits
Choice between: Jewish Philospohy / Jewish Law / Prophets 2 credits
Community Service 60 Hours