Parent Contribution (PEP)

Parent Contribution (PEP)

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The Parent Contribution (PEP) of $1,000 is a critical part of a student’s overall tuition package. It is each family’s obligation to contribute to PEP. PEP is NOT factored into the financial aid calculations.

There are two ways to pay down this obligation:

#1 Payment in Full/Installment Payments

Parents may write a check for the full amount or installment plan amount with the word “PEP” in the memo line to ensure that the family account is credited appropriately.

#2 Assist in the development efforts of the school

If a family solicits a donation from a NEW donor source, 100% of that donation will be credited toward PEP. This includes solicitation of a NEW donor for the annual appeal or Gala dinner, and ads for the Gala or the 5K Color Run.

For example, Family X contacts a new donor who contributes $500 to the school; $500 will be deducted from the family’s $1,000 obligation leaving a balance of $500.

Families can use this PEP form to assist in keeping track of their donor acquisitions and/or ads. It is incumbent upon the family to complete the form with the required information and documentation to ensure proper credit.

The donation of goods or services to the school is no longer an option to pay down PEP.

If you have any questions regarding PEP, please contact Fred Zarnowski (