Hebrew High School of New England is one of many participants in the Jewish Community Foundation of Greater Hartford’s AIM Chai Campaign to bolster endowment funds. Though our Annual Campaign has been growing each year, it still does not cover the gap between what tuition revenue provides and the operating costs of the school. Our endowment gifts are strategically important to the financial future and physical growth of the school. Endowment gifts are invested and held for the long-term interest of the school.

The key to our long-range plan is a robust endowment.

Independent schools around the nation have turned to endowment to provide much needed support for annual operations, scholarships and academic enhancements.

To fuel our robust growth plan for the future, we need to rapidly expand our own endowment from its current level to $7 million over the next ten years.

A $7 million endowment will:

  • Double our new merit-based scholarship program
  • Provide support for on going academic enhancements.
  • Increase our capacity to provide financial aid to our students.

Through the generosity of Jeremy and Ann Pava, we have the opportunity to jump-start our efforts with a matching program for every Aim Chai Endowment Campaign gift.