Drama Club

Drama Club

Student-Directed Drama Club Production of
“Charlie Brown” Deemed Huge Success

cb post show for websiteOn Wednesday, February 3, 2016, the Student-Directed Drama Club at Hebrew High School of New England performed Clark Gesner’s musical comedy “Charlie Brown” in the Herbert Gilman Theater at the Mandell JCC of Greater Hartford.

Junior Natan Glahn starred as Charlie Brown. Natan brilliantly brought our beloved introverted character, Charlie Brown from the comic strip to life, providing laughs and entertainment for the entire family. Seniors Linor Ben Naim (Lucy) and Eitan Garfield (Linus,) and freshman Gabby Brackman (Sally) gave truly spectacular performances.

The cast was directed by senior Lauren Rosenay. Ms. Rosenay clearly shows a passion for drama in addition to being a student of voice, piano and guitar. ” I’m extremely proud of the cast and crew. I was honored to have worked with such a lively and enthusiastic group of people who were ready to take direction.”

Along with Lauren, a very dedicated cast and crew worked exceptionally hard to make this a one-of-a-kind production for the audience. Their creative talents shone bright when the curtain rose for the one-night only production.