Student Government

Student Government


President - Carmi MandelP1130199
Vice President – Micah Glickman
Secretary – Marik Gesin
Treasurer –  Jacob Hasbani
Member At Large – Tova Granowitz


The HHNE-SGEC is a critical part of the overall HHNE Leadership Team. 

The SGEC organizes events, projects, programs and initiatives that set the tone and the agenda for the vibrant school culture and student community.

SGEC serves as a primary liaison between the student body and the administration.  This cannot be understated!  HHNE administrators and faculty love to get constructive feedback and proactive cooperation and the SGEC empower the student body to bring their concerns and ideas to the to the table in an organized and effective way.

Finally, the SGEC members serve as role models for their peers, exemplifying the important  value of balancing the striving for individual excellence with concrete commitment to community service.